QDS Dating Review 5 Star Rating System

5-star-rating 2 Thumbs, Way Up! A site with this rating has excellent features and a large membership base, good customer support and is a good place to start looking to meet people. In short any website in this category is A top quality dating site! Sign up for it yesterday!

4-star-rating A good / above average dating site that has something or things that let it down slightly. But otherwise a definite contender to sign up and have a nosey through. Sites in this category will have above average features and a fairly large membership base.

3-star-rating An average dating site. This type of site is still worth a look. You might see someone on one of these sites that you like. But overall compared to the better sites these websites could do with improvements in more than one area. They're features are adequate to do the job but nothing more. In short, ok but could be improved.

2-star-rating Oh dear. Sites in this category aren't very good at all. Their membership numbers will be quite small and for a good reason. Their features and website professionalism aren't really up to scratch either. Best to avoid these ones.

1-star-rating Pheeeeew smell that! A real stinker. These sites are terrible and we suspect they won't be in business for very long. Avoid like the plague. Mediocre website, poor customer support, small membership base, crap features etc. You get the idea.

Primary Dating Category Indicates the sites primary dating category.


General Romantic Dating Site WebSite classification. General romantic dating site. Suitable for all adults.


Looking for a Ring? Site aimed at long term relationships. Website classification. Site aimed at long term relationships. Suitable for all adults.

Rated R for Restricted.  Adult Content Rated 18+ Adult ContentWebSite classification. Adult content or mild content primarily aimed at adults looking for physical relationships. Suitable only for adults looking to 'hook up', ahem.

Not Yet Reviewed Website Not Yet Reviewed.


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