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Males That You Should Really Not Go Out With. You Have Been Warned!Types of Guys to Avoid

Guys to avoid dating

Believe it or not, there are certain types of guys you should avoid dating. They have very specific personalities,traits and lifestyles. They'll make your life a living hell for one reason or another. We've listed the worst ones below to give you a heads up before you jump in with both feet.


The Insecure Boyfriend
He's always worrying about you. He hangs onto your every word, insists that you go everywhere together and never gives you a moments peace. Ever seen fatal attraction? These types of people are so insecure you'll need to remind them that you love them about 100 times a day.

You won't be able to go anywhere without them and when you try you'll end up in a big argument and they'll be convinced you're seeing someone else. In short your life will be no longer worth living and this person will smother you and grind you down. Sorry, they've gotta go. If they don't trust a word you say then they don't love and respect you.

They're only interested in their own happiness and well being, not yours. Firstly if you're living with him, move out and tell him you need time to think and you want your own space. Step one is to physically distance yourself from such a person. They will inevitably keep phoning and coming around. So step 2 is to tell them your seeing someone else, even if your not.

They will keep annoying you whilst they think you're still available. Step three is to change your mobile number and don't give it to them under any circumstances or move and don't tell them you're moving.


The Senior Lecturer Boyfriend
Yes that older guy at the front of the room who has more experience than you and that grades your exam papers. Charming and handsome he may be but he should be off limits for a couple of good reasons. Well, for starters he'll lose his job and if anyone finds out about you two they'll say you slept your way to better grades and your reputation will be tarnished as a result.

Plus he's way too old for you. Even if you don't have a problem with the age gap, everyone else will. If found out he will lose his job, as relationships between lecturers and students are typically banned in most educational institutions. Tell him you are being blackmailed and that you have to stop seeing him or they're going to report the both of you.


The Body Builder / Gym Fanatic Boyfriend
'I haven't seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself!' A walking tree trunk he may be but he's in love with himself in a big way. You can be sure he'll have photos of himself all over the place, probably trophy's and awards he's won too.

Even though he's got a lifetime membership at the local gym and is there every other night, he'll also have his own home gym system. Well for starters you'll never see him as he's always down at the gym working out. He'll take ages getting ready and never get out of the bathroom or anywhere there's a mirror.

This guy likes to collect trophy's and your going to be his next one. Ask him to give up the gym for you. You'll suddenly see you're not the first love / priority in his life.


The Player / Womaniser Boyfriend
He seems like Mr perfect. He is always dressed to impress has impeccable taste, good manners, treats you like a princess and always calls you by someone else name! Hmm. This guy is a smooth talker and will woo every woman he meets. You can be sure you're not the only one he's seeing this week and that even if you love him he'll be loving far too many other girls to take your love seriously.

These types of guy's also have a commitment problem as one girl is never enough. If it isn't obvious already we'll spell it out for you. Just like the body builder he won't have time for you. It's not that he's in love with himself, it's because he's in love with everybody else and they keep phoning him day and night.

Although men are usually bad time keepers in general you will soon get fed up with the pathetic excuses as to why he's late again and why he has to cancel dinner at the last minute. So unless you want to compete with every other girl in town, chuck him.

Don't worry about breaking his heart, he'll have 30 other shoulders to cry on. Tell him that you had a sex change before you met him and that you used to be a man.


The Mamma's Boy Boyfriend
The typical mammas boy will always be 'married to his mother' and never to you. He will probably be living with his mom or at least down the street where she can come and visit at any time or keep an eye on him. Not only will he always run to her when he has a problem but he'll always take her side or try to please her if it comes to a head between you or her.

His mom is the love of his life and always will be. You won't be able to put a foot out of place without consulting her first and he will always value her over you. Although he may think he truly loves you, he'll always love his mom more.

Either tell him you don't like his mother and its either you or her. Or say to him it's time you moved to somewhere else, preferably the farther from his mum the better. He'll freak at this and it'll come to an abrupt end if you want it to.


The Workaholic Boyfriend
This mans work will always come first. It will be his very reason for living and god help anyone who gets in his way of world domination, this includes you. Although he dresses smartly, has plenty of money and impeccable taste, he'll never really have time for you.

You'll find that when you're in the mood, he'll be too busy going over today's latest figures to get under the covers with you. You'll get fed up leaving messages with his secretary, he'll always be working late and how will you know if he's having a bit of extra office training with his secretary, or someone else, if he's never home.

You'll get fed up eating dinner by yourself and raising the kids by yourself. Plus when you are out together he'll wander off and try to network with potential clients and contacts leaving you to nibble at the salad bar, looking like a lost lamb in a room full of wolves. Which is exactly what you will be.

Time for a reality check girl! If you ask him to spend more time with you, he may initially but he will soon revert back into his familiar patterns. He's gotta go. Tell him that you've decided to take a year out and are going to travel. Ask him to come to. As he's addicted to his job he'll get rid of you before he gets rid of his hectic lifestyle.

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