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Females That You Should Avoid Going Out With At All Costs. You Have Been Warned!Types of Girls to Avoid

Girls to avoid dating

Well guys we've all been there. Suckered in and duped by those beautiful pair of eyes. She's treated you like dirt and you've treated her like a goddess. You can't figure out what went wrong and swear it'll work out next time if she'd only take you back, sob sob.

Somebody hit him with a wet fish. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. There are certain types of girls out there that you should run from like the plague. Sad but true, good, decent girls are becoming harder and harder to find.

As difficult as that might be we can save you some heartache and warn you about the ones that are going to hurt you.


The Controlling Girlfriend
This ones a real piece of work. She's nasty in a subtle way. When making a decision if you try to stand up for yourself she will either cry, scream, pout, cut off sex altogether or use any other deceptive female tactic she can think of until you give in and let her get her way.

As she gets her way in an around about way it's hard to see her doing it but to an outsider it will be plainly obvious what she's doing. This girl will end up controlling every aspect of your life and is a total control freak. Avoid unless you like to be told what to do all the time.


The Me Me Me Girlfriend
This girl is totally self centred and is only out to get whatever she can. She wants to be the centre of attention all the time and expects you to treat her like a princess.

She is selfish, self serving and manipulative. She'll use you until someone better comes along and then dump you when they can give her more of whatever it is she wants.


The Desperate Girlfriend
This girl may be the last of her circle of friends to get married. She wants a white wedding and will marry anyone who wanders into her path. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, she doesn't want to grow old alone.

She'll even get married to someone she doesn't love, just to have a companion. Think we're kidding? Think again. Avoid like the plague.


The Turncoat Girlfriend
This ones seriously two faced. She'll be your angel until she gets the wedding ring on and then she'll become your worst nightmare.

She's a conniving piece of work that's an expert a conning men. She'll tell you exactly what you want to hear until you're deep into the relationship and then she can start manipulating you.


The Tease Girlfriend
ooooh look at me. The tease girlfriend will get on your nerves because every boy in town will be chatting her up as she struts her stuff when you're out. Nothing in pants is safe and you sometimes wonder if she even realises that you're there?

This type of person can sponge off older men. She may just bask in her sexual power by attracting men like bees to honey or she may be a ball buster by attracting men, getting them sexually excited and then walking away.

(We hate it when they do that.) No matter what characteristic she emanates you can't trust her because she craves male attention and she'll dump you in a second if someone better comes along. Grrrrrrrr.


The Insecure Girlfriend
This is a creepy one to watch out for. She'll seem nice to begin with but as time goes on it won't take long for her inner insecurities to show themselves. She's clingy, needy and always worries that you're going to leave her at any moment.

Pretty soon she's calling you 50 times a day, wants to know where you are right now, listens into your phone conversations and begins to progressively smother you with her presence. Soon you'll feel like your suffocating and need oxygen.

This one can be tricky to get rid of. The most effective way is to physically separate, then tell her you've gotten someone else, even if you haven't.


The Bitch Girlfriend
The greatest ball buster of them all. This one leaves a damage path behind her worse than an F5 tornado. God help you if you end up with her. She is a sulker, a pouter and a ball buster all rolled into one.

She doesn't treat people very nicely and is only out to see what she can get for herself. This type of girl is usually very good looking and she uses this to lure unsuspecting love struck fools into her trap.

A definite black widow of the female world if ever we saw one. Avoid at all costs. She will chew you up and spit you out, then move onto the next one. Her motto is Use, Abuse, Lose and Cruise!


The Angry Girlfriend
Angry females don't like men, period. They're convinced that all men are evil pigs who use women and have no respect for them. Makes you wonder how girls like this get a boyfriend in the first place? But it happens.

These girls have usually been hurt badly by men in the past and so have tarred us all with the same brush. Her anger can explode at any given moment like an erupting volcano so unless you want to argue until 6 in the morning and constantly have to buy new crockery for the house, we suggest you avoid at all costs.


The Elusive / Mystery Girlfriend
The elusive girlfriend is the queen of mixed messages. She is like a romantic person but is a bit twisted. This person will have been hurt in the past and as a result can't get close to anyone again.

The problem is she's in total denial about the whole thing and she'll constantly make up excuses as to why she just doesn't have time to go out with you on a full time basis. She will be nice to you and even date you, but you'll never get past that friend state as she'll flirt and get close to you then run away.

Then she'll repeat the process. This will just frustrate you because you won't know what the real problem is. You'll think it's something you've done wrong and she won't be able to tell you as she's in denial about the whole thing. In short, she's a big waste of your life. Leave her alone and walk on as you'll never get anywhere with her.


The Romance Obsessed Girlfriend
Not quite the same as a romantic lover. This girl lives in a dream world that one day her knight in shining armour will walk through her door and sweep her off her feet. Then he will give her a hassle free existence and she'll live happily ever after.

Err nope! Girls of this nature have been pampered all their lives and have no idea what real work is or real life. This type of girl will expect to be taken care of.

She'll be like a sack of potatoes in bed and will almost over night turn into a shrieking nag that does nothing but complain and say attend me, attend me, attend me. Head for the hills as fast as you can.


The Take Take Take Girlfriend
The gold digger of the female world. This girl is only after one thing and one thing only - your money. She'll bleed you dry and move on to the next one. She believes that a guy should pay for everything just because she is a girl.

She believes it is her god given right and she is in no way meant to give you anything back for it. Avoid this type of girl at all costs, as you'll end up broke because of her and she won't care about you or anyone else as long as she's happy.

This type of girl can come in all shapes and sizes. She'll usually be good looking though as this is her main weapon to get you to pay. The prospect of sex with such a beautiful girlfriend will have most guys dipping into their pockets to fork out cash at any given moment.

She's nothing more than a glorified prostitute. Avoid at all costs and tell her to pedal her wears somewhere else.


The Feminist Girlfriend
We've saved the worst for last. This type of girl hates all men with a passion. She thinks the world should be run by women and that it would be much better off if it was. This kind of girl is living in fantasy land and has no problem treating men like dirt.

She doesn't for once think that if the shoe were on the other foot, that she might not like it. If you should meet a girl like this, try to avoid a confrontation or heated discussion, because even if she's wrong, she'll believe she's right.

In other words, you cannot win because of her own self belief that you are the devil incarnate. Turn around and walk away. A sorry case indeed.

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