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We're Not Suggesting You Wear Something Like This But If You Do He'll Be Drooling All Over His Food.The Big Date For Girls

Tips & Things to take with you on that first date

So ladies, the big date is here! Your nerves are probably already strained to breaking point without having to remember do you have all the essential items that you might need?

Well QDS and Match.com are here to help. Below you'll find a list of essential tips and purse items that any astute girl going on a first date should do and have with her.



Choose The Right Venue
If you've been left to organise the date (or maybe you're a control freak) or if he suggests a place to go the first thing to remember is that when you go out with him for the first time you want to be able to talk to him so that you can get to know each other.

That means rock concerts, movies, discos and clubs are out the window. Try to take him on an activity that he's never done before to make it exciting. Don't take him to an expensive restaurant because he will become up tight and apprehensive in such an environment (especially if he's not used to it, and so will you.) when you want him to be relaxed enough to be himself. In this way you can get to see the real him.

Always Use His Name
It's important to remember his name and for god's sake don't call him by any of your ex boyfriend names. He needs to be reassured that you're interested in him and that you're paying attention to what he's saying.

If you bump into friends introduce him straight away. Men are like a delayed explosion in regards to being hurt emotionally. What you say at the time won't annoy us, until it pops into our heads after the date, when we're analysing everything you said with our mates.

Never Ask A Negative Question
Don't ask closed questions where his response can only be yes or no. This is not the way to get a good conversation going. Use open ended questions that require a longer response. When people say yes or no, you get the impression that they don't want to talk to you and generally don't want to be there. So will they, if you do the same, so try not to.

It's A Date, Not An Interview
You're supposed to be having fun together, not interrogating each other with 40 questions. You can leave that one up to your parents if it ever gets that far. Try to talk about things that your interested in or what you do to have fun. Try to achieve a common ground. Don't talk about work or mundane things like that (BORING!).

Don't Discuss Ex-lovers Or Past Relationships
Do not talk about your past boyfriends and don't let him talk about his past girlfriends. If this happens he'll start reminiscing and start to compare you to the girl he used to be in love with.

Worst case scenario he could start thinking about the things he used to like about her and you will quickly drift away from him. If he realises he's not over his ex, you're sunk. NEXT!

If you want him on the first date, make it clear
If you want sex on the first date, make it clear and don't leave room for misinterpretation. DO NOT however lead him on thinking that this is what's going to happen if you're not ready for it. Because he will try to be 'the man' and give you what he thinks you want.

This could destroy an otherwise perfect evening and abruptly end any possibility of seeing each other again. So be careful when you tease us guys and make sure its only flirting and not the full come on.

However, if you want him on the first date, most men won't say no if you get physical and especially if they really are attracted to you.


Things to take with you on that first date

By Susan Hayden, Match.com

Life is full of surprises—and so are dates. Especially that first one, when Mr. Seems-So-Wonderful could turn out to be Mr. Sure-Is-Psycho. So it’s best to be prepared. Whether the night turns to lust or bust, you’ll want to pack a few essentials to get through that wonderful journey of the unknown. So dig out your extra-large purse, and throw in the following:

Just good to have in general because you never know if you’ll need to protect yourself—or, God forbid, your date.

Emergency cash
Not to be pessimistic, but you don’t want to get stranded with empty pockets nor do you want to get stuck with the bill. In any case, you’ll be able to take care of yourself.

Picture of large, burly man
If things get a little out-of-hand, show it to your date, and tell him it’s your big brother—the one who just signed on with WCW. He’ll get the picture.

Cell phone with pre-programmed emergency numbers
911; Poison Control (you never know!); best friend; large, burly brother (if you really do have one).

Most guys won’t have these in their wallets—or at least won’t admit to it—on a first date, so as not to be presumptuous. So if you think sex is a possibility, and you don’t care about appearing presumptuous, it’s a good idea to play it safe.

Need I say more?

Dental kit
Throw in some travel-size mouthwash, Altoids or mint gum, as well as some dental floss, should you wind up with a stubborn piece of spinach after dinner.

Makeup kit
If the date’s a hit, it could hold out a lot longer than your makeup. So don’t forget the essentials—powder, lipstick, blush and a little fragrance to freshen up.

Airplane-size bottle of your favourite liquor
In case you need more than good humour to get you through the evening.

Clean pair of underwear
Because you just never know—and because Mom always said it was a good idea.

By Susan Hayden, Match.com

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