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Yahoo Personals Review

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Yahoo Personals

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Site Classification: Romantic Dating Site. General Dating, Pen Pals and Friends.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
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Millions - Can't say exactly but put it this way, Yahoo.com is the most visited website on the planet. It has an Alexa traffic rank of 1. Which means no other website receives more traffic per day than yahoo.

To put this into perspective, google.com gets over 220 million searches per day and it ranks as number 4. Plus Yahoo Personals have specific personals websites aimed at whatever region of the world you live in. So it doesn't matter where you live, there will be hundreds of thousands of people from your country already signed up for yahoo personals.

Sexual Categories Covered: Straight Dating, Lesbian Dating, Gay Dating, Senior Dating, Friends and Pen Pals.
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered: All 249 Countries Although there is a strong emphasis on the most developed countries with their own dedicated personals website: UK & Ireland, France, Germany, Australia & New zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Brazil, Canada. There's also a US version with a Spanish interface.
What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

Advanced search features:

• Sort based on activity level -- Sort people by how active they are on Yahoo! Personals -- even limit your search to those that are.
• Get a whole new view -- New Photo Gallery view allows you to skim 20 profiles per page in just a click. Or, sit back and relax with the new Slideshow view.
• Fine-tune your searches -- Search results not exactly right? Go ahead and edit your search criteria, without leaving the page.
• Save up to 10 unique searches -- Create a custom search for blue-eyed Scorpios, or search for red heads in a neighboring town. Get as specific or general as you'd like!

FREE newsletter - Each issue of the newsletter is packed with:
• Guest writers with ideas for finding romance
• Real Time Polls on hot dating issues
• Success Stories and tips from personals users
• Answers to questions sent in by readers


Email messaging:

• Organize by "Connections," not messages
Now everyone you've communicated with gets their own little section called a "Connection." No more searching your Mailbox for scattered messages or trying to place a face to an email.

• Find everything you need to know in one place
Each "Connection" in your Mailbox now comes complete with that person's photo, details from their profile, and all of the emails and Icebreakers you've sent one another.

• Save time with "Snippets" and "Quick Replies"
Have a favorite introduction or some lines about yourself that you like? "Snippets" allow you to save text and re-use it whenever you're typing an email. Or, if you're not quite sure what to say, simply select a pre-written "Quick Reply" and you're done.

You can also send ice breakers and emoticons.

Profile Matches by email, sent to you as often as you choose.

Yahoo members magazine, feedback and tips sections.

Search profiles from within the yahoo instant messenger and then forward them to friends for their opinion. Other features such as webcam, audio, avatars, share images, audible's, IMVronment, shared searching, play games with other personals members, conference calls with multiple members, instant messaging chat, shared music selection on launchcast. Forward emails/messages directly to your mobile phone.

The list goes on and on. Friendfinder Incs instant messenger has a long way to go before it rivals this. But yahoo had a long head start as their messenger came about first (to compete with the likes of AOL and MSN etc) and has been integrated into their personals service second.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

Like the rest of yahoo, a light, pale blue menu system with a white background. If you've used yahoo.com before, you'll feel right at home here. Searching has advanced features and the results are very well organized. You can also customize the results view as a list, photo gallery or slide show.

Unlike other dating sites there are no chatrooms to be seen. Thus this service rely's heavily on the yahoo messenger service to make up for its shortcomings. This is no bad thing as the yahoo messenger is well developed and gives you an excellent online community experience.

The only problem is, if you are accessing the service from a public pc that does not have the yahoo messenger installed, then you can only converse by emails in your inbox or text messages on your phone.

However, for most people they will be doing their online dating from home, so this wouldn't be an issue. Some people will have their own office pc which may also have yahoo messenger installed. But for a truly online dating community, I personally prefer a text chatroom or webcam chatroom ala datecam or friendfinder.

In this way you don't have to pre arrange to meet someone online you can just log into the site and start chatting. But with yahoo personals you'll have to have the instant messenger installed as this is where the yahoo chatrooms are, but these are not specific to yahoo personals. So it loses a star for not having dedicated online (personals) chatroom facilities. You can however browse the profiles or see who is online and invite them to chat.

Apart from this, the yahoo personals site is fast loading, well layed out for the most part and full of helpful info from other members. (This incidentally can be found under 'special features' which isn't immediately obvious to someone browsing around the site.)

The profiles themselves are failry detailed and the thumbnail images you see are good and big. You can browse full profiles and see a members photo gallery if they have more than one photo. You can also view video and audio greetings.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

So who are yahoo? Oh, they just happen to be one of the biggest companies on the internet today. They have the number one website on the net. Yahoo.com is a large online community/directory of websites. Bolted on to it is it's famous instant messenger and yahoo free email service, which has now been upgraded to 100Mb to compete with the likes of Google and Hotmail. It seems the three of them are starting an email war.

Although Yahoo started out as just another directory, they have mushroomed to become far more than that. Their site now includes RSS news feeds, finance and stock information, shopping facilities, their own search engine in addition to the directory, an email service, a (highly advanced) instant messenger, hot jobs section, yahoo movies, horoscopes, games and the list goes on and on. They now also own overture, which is THE biggest pay per click search engine on the internet.

Without a doubt Yahoo will be with us for a long time and from the emails I've been receiving about customer feedback for their personals service, they seem to want to develop it into the best personals service on the net. But not only that, they want you, the customer to tell them what you want.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

Excellent multimedia tour and getting started instructions.

Excellent multimedia follow up emails showing you cool features of their service and asking you can they improve it?

Profiles include audio and video greetings options so you can see and hear what a potential date is like. (Not all profiles have this, it depends on whether the member bothered to record them or not.)

Excellent, highly advanced, bug free, free instant messenger system. Even includes the new launchcast free music radio service and a gazillion features to have fun with other personals members, online.

Very slick and easy to use. Advanced search features mean you could narrow it down to finding people in your street with very specific criteria.....

Which is just as well because there are millions of people all over the world registered on this site. This membership site is HUGH, with a capital HUGH.

Highly integrated package, your one login gets you into yahoo.com and also a 100mb storage email address on yahoo.

It's yahoo, you can be sure this service isn't going to fold up overnight and their customer support is second to none. They emailed me back with an answer to a question I had within an hour of sending it. They also have instant, live, online help via their instant messenger.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

No dedicated online chatroom facilities.

If you haven't got the instant messenger installed, you can only correspond with others via email.


Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site? Overall Verdict:

As it stands, this is an excellent personals service with brilliant features albeit with the inclusion of its instant messenger software. If they didn't have this, it would get 3 stars. But seeing as it does, it gets 4. The reason it doesn't get 5 is because it doesn't have a dedicated online chat room facility on the personals site.

Perhaps this is intentional as they want to promote the use of their instant messaging software. This becomes more evident with the ability now to browse profiles from within the messenger software itself. A definite spin on the traditional personals website service and one to watch out for.

If you don't need an online chatroom, and an advanced instant messenger with its own webcam and chat facilities more than makes up for it, then this website is for you.

Also take into the fact that nearly everyone else on the planet is here :-) and you have an excellent personals service to meet the girl or guy of your dreams no matter where on earth you live.

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!Yahoo Personals Customer Testimonials

Lora found someone just four blocks away!

"I was just browsing through Yahoo! Personals one day, when I ran across a gentleman whose profile caught my eye. I sent him an Icebreaker. He wrote back. Interestingly enough, he lives four streets down from me. We met two days later and have seen each other nearly every day since. He is a terrific guy. We have many of the same interests -- we knew that before we met because of the profiles." -- Lora S., 44, Florence, Mont.

"Even our dogs are in love."

Well my perfect match is here. Jackie and I had talked here(Yahoo! personals and Yahoo! IM) for a while (many hours), then on the phone (many, many hours), and now it's hard to be away from each other. Moreover, we are only 20 minutes away from each other, even our dogs are in love. I have found the perfect lady for me and have fallen head over heels in love with her and her son. As for things in common, can you say "everything!" We are looking forward to a long, exciting future together." -- Bud, 47, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"We met the next day...and have been together every day since."

"In January, at home by myself and lonely as usual, I was playing on the computer and came across Yahoo! Personals. I signed up and responded to several local members. After two weeks of no one responding to my profile, I sent an Icebreaker to the first guy I had responded to. He emailed me back and we talked on Yahoo! Messenger for a while, discovered we only lived seven miles from each other, and met the next day at a local restaurant. That was on February 9 and we have been together every day since. He proposed on April 13 (my birthday) and we are getting married on October 23. We hope to start a family soon after. I hope everyone will find their true love one day as I have found mine." -- Sherry P., 29, Barnwell, S.C.

There are lots more testimonials at yahoo personals.

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