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LavaLife Review

Site Name:


Site rating: 4 Star Rating! This is an Above Average Site!
Site Classification: Romantic Dating Site.Site aimed at Long Term Relationships. Rated 18+ Adult Content The site is split into 3 main sections. Dating, Long Term Relationships and Physical Relationships. The site provides different content depending on which section you go into ranging from mild to wild in the profiles.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
Number of Members: 850,000 Active members Approx. Several international versions of the site and some for other genders.
Sexual Categories Covered:

Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Senior, Friends, Adult, Swingers, Matchmaking, Soulmates, Alt, Fetishes.

Specific versions of Lavalife exist for Gay and Lesbian members, these are called Manline and Womanline respectively. They are effectively the same as Lavalife but you can only search for members from those specific sexual categories and they have other features more geared towards people of said genders. However, Lavalife itself also has members from these categories and you can search by gender so it's up to you which site you want to use.

What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered: All, 249 Countries with specific international sites for Canada both English and French, USA and Australia. This is probably because its main phone centers are in these countries as well.
What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

Lavalife uses interactive voice response (IVR) telephone technology enabling singles to meet other singles with similar relationship goals and aspirations, discreetly and anonymously.

Singles simply record a personal profile - telling information about themselves and their relationship objectives - to which other singles can respond 24/7.

Alternatively singles can exchange messages with other singles that are on-line at the same time, and if they so choose, connect live one-on-one through the service without divulging any personal information.

But its just not a dating site, there is also lavalife mobile, and lavalife by land line phone, which means you can access the site and date over the phone or mobile phone with sms text messaging and wap browsing. A separate wap profile must be created after registering with this service.

The site has extensive search features:

  • Search new members
  • who's online?
  • Video Profiles
  • Lists
  • Local
  • Browse
  • Saved
  • Custom
  • Nickname

Each of the above has multiple sub categories to search by, too many to list here. There is also an extensive set of search criteria you can choose from when generating profile searches.

Monthly magazine delivered by email. Optional, you have to sign up to receive it on the Lavalife website by ticking a tick box on your homepage. (Currently on the right hand side at the time of writing.)

You can send members smilies, flirts, winks and other ice breakers.

Lavalife Online Parties are also held regularly, check your homepage for updates. This is when a whole bunch of single members are going to be online in a chatroom at a specific time.

Pictures or videos are mandatory for the online parties. This ensures everyone is, who they say they are and that everyone is serious about getting together. No lurkers without photos allowed :-)

The parties are only for members looking to date or are interested in long term relationships. But above all everyone's there to have fun and meet new people.

This is a feature I haven't seen on any other site, most people just come and go at random on other sites and you never really know who you are talking to if they don't have a photo or video or profile.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

Lavalife is lava red funnily enough :-) Or your homepage is, at least. The three categories of Dating, Relationships and Intimate Encounters have their own unique color schemes which are easily interchanged with a tabbed system at the top of every page.

The instant messenger is always displayed at the top of your page too and shows you who is online right now. It also tells you if they have a webcam or video introduction.

All options and profiles are displayed in a framed window, that is a scrollable window displayed within the main homepage window. In this way the site layout never really changes, so you don't become confused when going from page to page and all your main options and features are always displayed. (The instant messenger for example.)

When browsing through profiles, you get 10 results per page. The photos are nice and large. Easy to make out and you can view larger versions by looking at members profiles or by click on the photo itself.

In some cases you need a members permission to view their private photos (known as a back stage pass) but in any case you'll need to create a profile of your own and upload photos or videos to get access to more advanced and intimate features. Its only fair as other members would like to see who is looking at their profiles.

This feature deters lurkers (lurker: a person who hangs around chatrooms and never says anything, very creepy but the majority of people are just shy.) and encourages you to become more active in site participation. Which is no bad thing. We could all do with a nudge from time to time ;-)

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

Who is Lavalife and what are they all about?

Lavalife is a privately owned company with its head office and primary call center located in Toronto, Canada. Lavalife came online back in 1999 but was running off-line long before that. They developed their own voice recognition software for dating called IVR and have integrated it into their dating sites.

Lava life has seen 4.5 million members pass through its doors since its inception and currently has around 850,000 active members.

Lavalife.com features real time instant messaging capabilities plus in-depth profiling and unique searching capabilities based on member-designated criteria, with a litany of innovative new functionality in the wings. Uh, I think that means they're developing new features :-)

Here is the official version of lavalife:

"What Is Lavalife?
Welcome to Lavalife. Where singles click.

Lavalife is a new brand...a new community...a new world...a new vision for single life. Lavalife is solely dedicated to enhancing the lives of singles.

More specifically, Lavalife offers singles anytime, anywhere connections that make single life a positive, fulfilling and self-esteem building experience through relationship opportunities, social interaction and a like minded community of ideas and information.

We recognize that all human beings have the need to interact. Our history is filled with elaborate courting rituals and traditions. While our society may have changed, our need to be social and to connect with each other hasn't. That's why Lavalife was created. We're a global brand and the world's largest independent provider of technology based meeting services designed to create possibilities for singles. We offer telephone-based products in over forty cities throughout North America and Australia, and www.lavalife.com on the world wide web.

Lavalife gives singles the chance to click effectively with many people in a safe and entertaining environment. We recognize the complexity of meeting others in our fast paced modern society and dedicate ourselves to providing solutions. Our customers have the control to choose when and how they want to click - for any kind of connection, whether it is friendship, dating or relationships.

Today, we are passionate about our global leadership in helping singles connect. We are equally thrilled about our vision of the future. We will capitalize on opportunities to further develop and market our existing products and services plus an array of new products and services each customized to meet the special needs of singles in today's world.

That's powerful. That's Lavalife. Where singles click."

Hmmm well, in any case, Lavalife is a very popular dating, relationship and intimate encounters site with most members from America, Australia and Canada. Although it doesn't have as many features on the actual site as some other sites have, such as dedicated chatrooms or forums it does have an innovative approach in bringing people together in other ways, perhaps, better ways, as they stem from realtime, live methods with better assurance of who you are flirting with is actually who they say they are. The lavalife parties are dedicated chatrooms on a separate site but they are only available at certain designated party times.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

Simple 2 step FREE sign-up process.

Not just a dating site, you can also access it by land line phone and mobile phone too.

Works on the highly popular token based system. Pay as you go dating.

Local call center's in every major US, Canadian and Australian city. So you'll only ever be calling a local number if you're using the phone service and you live in these countries.

Large membership base.

Detailed profiles.

Instant messaging+email.

Voice and video introductions for profiles.

Extensive search criteria and features.

Members have the ability to only allow members they approve to see their more private photos. (Called a back stage pass.)

You can create three profiles depending on the type of relationship you are looking for.

Weekly featured articles where experts answer members problems of questions. Three weekly columns cover Dating, Relationship Advice and Intimate Encounters. (Called living the Lavalife.)

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

No forums or dedicated chatrooms. But there are dedicated party chatrooms available at certain times. Lavalife is based around instant messaging with who is online right now or leaving someone a message who isn't.


Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Overall Verdict:

Although Lavalife lacks some features that other sites have, this may actually be a good thing. They approach them from a different direction in order to achieve the same goal. That is, to bring people together and get them to interact.

Some of their methods are highly innovative using the latest voice and video technology to change online dating from faceless maybes to photo and video certainties. The days of online dating scamers are numbered if other sites start taking this approach.

And it IS happening, most sites I've looked at now include webcam features and are going realtime. Lavalife seems to be at the front of this trend and long may they stay there.

With its innovative multimedia dating features, and use of other mediums to give you a better dating experience whilst on the move, in today's busy environment, Lavalife gets 4 stars. It's an above average site that is more than just profiles and instant messaging if you dig a little deeper. This is actually becoming one of my favorite sites.

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!LavaLife Customer Testimonials Single at last after 5 years of serious relationships, I felt completely out of my element in the dating scene. Where do I go to meet great guys without being harassed or suffering through awkward conversations and pick up lines? How do I know if they will be great and share my interests? That's when I decided to sign up with Lavalife. At first I wanted to join just to see what was out there and to see if I could meet some interesting people, but then I met Mitch! We started by sending little messages and smiles and later began to chat. When we finally decided to meet over coffee, we had already gone through the awkward conversations and already knew our interests and what we were looking for in a relationship. It has now been 3 months and he just keeps getting better and sweeter ever time I see him. Thanks Lavalife for allowing me to meet such a great guy!!
I had hesitantly joined Lavalife after the success that my friend and her sister both had on this site (her sister is now married to the guy she met on here and my friend is getting married this winter). Anyway, I was on and off Lavalife for a few months here and there. Then this past June I began chatting with a particular guy. We had so many common interests, we even shared the same profession. We met a few weeks after chatting and neither of us has looked back! Our relationship is strong and happy. I was a skeptic but no longer! Thanks Lavalife for providing a safe and modern way of introducing people. I guess the direction of dating is changing. We have to look past our preconceptions about online dating and take it for what it is… a valuable tool for busy people.
Hello, I was a member at Lavalife for a little while, maybe only few months. But I am happy to inform you, that I have met my soulmate here on Lavalife. She is a sweetheart from Sask, Canada. We met online here one night, about 3 months ago, chatted online for 2 months before we decided to meet in person, Now we have met, and have been dating for 1 month, and I am in the process now, of moving closer to where she lives, so we can be together. So I would like now to say thank you people at Lavalife for offering the site to meet people. I have met someone, and she is the best. Sincerely, Jason.
After many failed relationships a friend and I were sitting around and thought we should give Lavalife a glance. On March 15, 2004 I met a man who became my fiancée 2 months later and we are now married (August of this year). I couldn't be happier. I truly met the man of my dreams. I never thought it possible and everyone was in shock since we both swore never to marry in our lives. We hit it off as soon as we met and to this day I have lava to thank since it wouldn't have happened any other way. Thank you so much lava for finding that missing piece to my puzzle.
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