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IWantUAltClub Review

Site Name:

IWantU Alt Club

Site rating: 4 Star Rating! This is an Above Average Site!
Site Classification: Rated 18+ Adult Content Adult Dating Site. Adult content or mild content primarily aimed at adults looking for physical relationships.
Basic FREE Membership: Yes
Number of Members: Unkown, thousands, the main bulk of members are from America, Canada and Australia, with smaller amounts from other countries.
Sexual Categories Covered: Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Senior, Swinger, Alt, BDSM, Fetish, Groups, Tranny. It just depends which of the three sites you browse through and signing up just the once gives you access to all three.
What Countries are Covered by The Site?Regions Covered: All: 249, but, as mentioned above the highest concentration of members seems to be from Australia, America and Canada.
What Features Are Available to Members?Features Available:

IwantU's own personal Love Goddess will match you up with other members with no effort on your part.

Private Messages
With your own IwantU Pager you will receive automatic notification of any new messages. You will have access to send and receive private message from your Mailbox.

Live Chat
Not only can you keep in touch with other members through private messages but you can also chat live in one of the many chat rooms!

A "picture is worth a thousand words" You'll never have as much fun as you will by browsing pictures, and many more features such as browsing, sending postcards, games…

Internal Secure, Email system. Your daily horoscope report. Member voting polls. Latest site news. Profiles of the week highlights. Online instant messenger that can be set to start as soon as you log in, which is handy.

This site works on a token based system much like Friendfinder. You can buy tokens to do things or become a paying member to get thousands of tokens in the one go.

There are forums you can post questions to, some are moderated, some are not.

There is a wide selection of online games to play, free members get access to three of them, VIP members get access to all of them.

Other features include:

  • Quick search top 100 profiles as voted by site members.
  • Send and receive postcards to other members.
  • Online shop for all your dating needs.
  • Attend an offline party, post a party, party photos.
  • Picture gallery of members photos.
  • Advanced search features to find the exact type of member you're looking for.

Aphrodite is a unique profile matching service, VIP's can also ask Aphrodite questions in relation to dating and get advice back if they need it. You can also get your profile matches sent to your IwantU internal email box or an external email address. You can also choose the frequency of when they are sent. Or you can search for matches right now in the site.

Download IwantU webcam software (optional), view live cams or run your own live cam show. All live shows are members of the site, there are no models employed here. Some may be of an adult nature, just depends what club you're logged into and what that particular member is into.

Plenty of chatrooms on this site:

  • The Lobby
  • Support
  • The Bar
  • Free4All
  • The Park
  • Motel Suite
  • Red Room
  • Swingers Lounge
  • Sisters (women only chat room)
  • Unity Room (men only chat room)

You can view the chatroom logs for ANY chatroom for whatever reason you want. Chatroom logs are kept online for 30 days. You also get a chat Jargon explained section which is really handy if you've always wondered what all those little acronyms mean when instant messaging someone.

They also have a who is online right now feature, which is available at the top of every page.

You can jump between sites from your main IwantU homepage and search results/gallery results will adjust accordingly.

How User-Friendly is The Website?Website Interface & Usability:

The website is a pleasing color of purple, blue or red depending on which club you are currently logged into and it changes as you switch between sites. This is a handy reminder of what it is you are looking at, Dating, Adult or Alt. But the interface layout remains the same through out so there's no confusion as regards navigation as all three sites are the same.

This website is fast loading and well laid out. Basic members cannot view full members profiles, just browse through them. Although the members photos are slightly too small when browsing profiles, you can see larger full size photos by searching the photo gallery version. Members can also post their own photo galleries which can be accessed by clicking on just the one photo that pops up in the results of your search.

You can also view the photo gallery results in a slide show version if you want REALLY big photos to look at one at a time.

Main Description of Dating Site.Site

IwantU clubs is a Canadian based company that first came online in 1996, so its been around for quite a while and isn't a new fly by nighter.

As mentioned, the site is split into three sections and this works really well to help you search for people of the same mind set as yourself.

The fact they've been online so long and that their site is still on everyone's top 10 choices and going strong is a testament to the quality of the site. It contains a tonne of features all aimed at helping you meet and interact with new people.

Although you can be a lurker if you want to. But, as with any other site if you're not prepared to actually communicate with anybody, then you will never meet anyone and will hence deem online dating a failure. Which it isn't.

As mentioned earlier, this site uses a token system which seems to be becoming popular with a lot of the dating sites I've looked at. You can either buy some tokens to get access to advanced features or just contact a person you're interested in.

However, a more cost effective method is to become a paying member, this gives you anywhere between 4000 and 18000 tokens immediately, depending on how long you sign up for. This is more than enough for most users, believe me.

These Features Get A Thumbs Up :-)Pro's

What we liked about the site:

Short sign-up process only three pages.

Access to three different sites from just the one sign-up. You can easily jump between them with the click of a button.

Online instant messenger.

Chatrooms with webcam features and you can host your own chat room and invite other users to join your webcam show.

Users can organize their own off-line parties and invite other members to attend.

Text only chat rooms, moderated, free live online support and men only / women only chat rooms too.

Lots to see and do for full paying members in the IwantU cafe. There are polls, chatrooms, webcams, forums, online games, shops, picture gallery, send postcards etc.

Forums, chatrooms and webcam chatroom shows are free for all members, so is the live support.

Very good FAQ section containing the most commonly asked questions by members and potential members.

You can win free tokens when playing some of the online games.

These Features Get A Thumbs Down :-(Con's

What we didn't like about the site:

Profile pictures are kind of small when searching profiles as a basic member but full size photos are available as a VIP member. You can also browse profile photos as a picture gallery or slide show which gives them in a full screen size. So this isn't really an issue.

No video introduction features in members profiles but they do have audio and photos. (Depends if the member bothered to used these options.)

Well, Overall What Did We Think of The Site?Overall Verdict:

This is actually a pretty good site once you dig a bit deeper and have a look around. It goes beyond the basic 'here's some profiles and a chatroom' formula and tries to instill a better sense of an online community than some of the other mainstream sites do.

I especially like the way its split into three clubs, dating, adult and alt. So you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. There are some great features in the online cafe section and even the free basic members have access to enough things to decide if this site is for them or not.

If you're from America, Canada or Australia, this site should be in your top 10 sites to join. If you are not from these countries but wish to communicate with people that are, then again this site should be in your top 10 favorites.

Overall this site is definitely an above average site, worthy of 4 points. The effort they've made and the features available to members to try and get an active online dating community going are to be commended. They not only encourage you to participate but also become actively involved in doing something to bring like minded others together. The off-line parties are just one example. And it works!

The fact they've been online since 1996, are still going and have a rather high alexa traffic rank proves that IwantU clubs is a popular site. As with any of the sites in our directory, you'll get the most out of it by becoming a paying member but the basic membership is free for you to try with no time limit so sign-up and check them out. I believe if you give it a chance, and become involved in the chatting and interacting with other members, you'll make some great friends here and probably more if that's what you're looking for :-) Enjoy.

Hear what satidfied customers have to say!IwantU ALT Club Customer Testimonials Just like to say thank you IWANTU. you gave me the opportunity to find the person that i was looking for. we been together for 2 fabulous days now.
Kwahu and I are both former members of this site. We met here 5 years ago this June (04) and have been together since. We both just wanted to say Thank You! This site was great for us. TazzyT & Kwahu
A few weeks ago I finally met the love of my life thanks to your site. PaBear68 is the sweetest man alive and his kids are wonderful. I can't wait until the day we get married and have a baby of our own together. You guys are wonderful!!!!!!
This letter is to inform all IWANTU seekers and finders that we, Lovemagician (aka: Lovemagus) and SexGodds (aka: sexygirl181, sexygirl1811, sexsorcerss) have decided to marry and are now living as one. We have found that we are soulmates together, and that it was not just about physical features but about the seven aspects of love that we found in each other. Our love transcended all distance as we were in different states and now we are together forever within the space of only three months! Thank you IWANTU - we are now INEEDU and IHAVEU! Much love!
Dear Iwantu, I have found the man of my dreams. He is everything I want and he wants me. He has proposed marriage to me and I accepted. We are so right for each other. Thanks.
Thank You so much. It was really hard for me to meet new ppl and now thanks to this site I have met my match. We are even planning on buying a house together.
About a month ago i started talking to a girl on here. she lived about a half hour away from me and she looked pretty damn good... i was kind of skeptical and nervous at first but sure enough we met and had a nice long day of watching movies, cuddling and a nice long fucking session where she had 5 amazing orgasms in a half hour...it was the best sex of my short life...thanks iwantu
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