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Hear what satidfied customers have to say!Filipino Friend Finder Customer Testimonials Hello -- thought of letting everyone know that this site works! Six-months ago I was here to find someone interesting and I did ! He is filcay2 of Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands and we now know each other for over six-months. Just about a month after I joined this site we met in Cayman and we just hit if off ! He is a man with a good heart and compassion, kind and generous, and most of all simple and honest. Something I look for in an individual. With this six-months of long distance relationship with him, we managed to-get-in- touch everyday through phone and emails. We have had trials in our relationship once but filcay2 just proves me his deep interest and care for me and he managed to win me back at all cost... and I am so glad he did as I am now so much happier. Just before the New Year Holiday, the second time we met in person, he proposed to me and we are going to get married this summer.

I am not looking anymore as I am very happy with filcay2. I would like to be one man woman as I am always... I tried once to have two long distance relationship but I regreted so bad that I almost lost him... I would never going to hurt his feelings anymore and if Gods' permit that we are really the one for each other, I promise to be this way with him forever...

To the great people at FilipinoFriendfinder, Hi to you all, My name is Dr.Love10 and sitting beside me is Haikik. We were both members, let me stress the word WERE. I'm from northern Alberta in Canada and Haikik is an Armenian working in Moscow. We started writing to each other on the 16th. of November, 2001 though your dating service and we never looked back. We went from writing faithfully every day, to phoning each other every day to myself gathering mega airmiles flying between Calgary and Moscow (which by the way is 14 hours in the air). Thanks to your service I went from a lonely 38 year old, to the happiest 38 year old in the world. I was for certain that I would spend my mid life alone but because of you I found the love of my life. There was never no doubt in my mind about knowing this was the girl for me. When I got off of the plane in Moscow and our eyes met for the first time, I knew that some day I was going to marry this girl. That first trip to Moscow was unbelievable we connected in person as we had for many letters and phone calls. That first trip to Moscow was 3 trips ago. Now I find myself in Hasmik's home country of Armenia, and in 5 days we are getting married. My family is flying in from Canada and then the wedding will take place and the fairy tale will be complete. Thank You for every thing without you Hasmik and I would have never met. I have a beautiful wife and two great children and owe you more thanks than I can possibly ever give. Thank you, Hasmik and Jim.
shedman50 and Bronnie7 - We met on the Internet on 28th Feb 2002, fell in love on our first date on 7th March 2002, moved in together on our second date 14th March 2002 and getting married on 18th August 2002.
My partner had over 100 contacts prior to me... I had over 40 contacts...and then suddenly we connected. All the signs indicated we were not compatible but they were all wrong! After a long and difficult marriage for me and two for him, God pushed our paths together. We believe we are being rewarded for our difficult times in the past by finding each other and falling in love. We are totally committed to each other and looking forward to our future lives together. Thank you FilipinoFriendFinder.com and good luck to everyone else finding your true love. Don't give up hope.
Hi! I was never a believer of finding someone online. i have friends that would meet guys online and set up dates, but they never ended up being a lasting relationship. But after waiting for months to "meet" someone, I decided to put a profile up on friendfinder. At the time I just wanted to have someone to talk to and get advice on guys from...so I posted. Within a week of posting my profile I began talking to Runnerky. He gave me an email address and an msn name, so we chatted online for an entire summer before realizing that we were going to be attending the same college in the fall! However, over the summer I met someone at home and we began to date. Things between Runnerky and I continued on a friendship basis, it was great to talk to someone who had also been in a bad relationships such as myself. He was a great friend. Shortly after I had moved to college my bf and i went through a terrible break up... HE CHEATED ON ME!!! But one nite online Runnerky came to my rescue and made me feel alot better. That night I decided to invite him over to my dorm room ASAP, I wanted to meet him. We had exchanged pics and I already knew he was VERY CUTE, and it seemed odd to me that I could have met him online. Sometimes its hard for attractive people to get dates too, I had problemswith guys and I am by no means "Ugly". Anyway.. the next day I saw him online and I asked him to meet me at my dorm that night. MY best friend was with me when we met for the first time. He was shy, and I am not, but somehow we had an instant connection. Soon after that he asked me out, and since then we have been inseparable. I see him at least every few days and we talk every night. :) He is the guy I dreamed of meeting my entire life, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together after college. On Sept. 20 we will be together for one yr...and many more to follow. THANK YOU FILIPINOFRIENDFINDER, you helped me meet my soulmate and my love.
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