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Herpes Dating Services

Looking for Other People with Herpes?  Any Web Sites on  This Page Will be For You.

Herpes Personals

Looking for others with Herpes? STD's aren't something most people like to talk about but for the 1 in 4 people that have it, it can be problem when it comes to dating. Fortunately we're here to help by pointing you to web sites that cater for people in this area.

We searched high and low for dating sites dedicated to Herpes dating/personals or HPV/HSV personals. We only found a few and most of them were just plain terrible. The only decent one we could find was Antopia so if you know of a really good Herpes or STD dating sites and think we should have a look at it, please send us an email from the contact us form located at the bottom of this page.

When you have signed up and have had a good look through a site feel free to come back here at any time to view other sites in this category. Most sites are FREE to join so it won't cost you anything to sign up for more than one site. We believe variety is the spice of life and several million other people around the world would seem to agree with us :-)

Note: External Sites will open in a new window so you won't loose this site. If you haven't book marked us already, please use the link on the right to do so now. See you soon and good luck with the search.

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General Romantic Dating SiteAntopia is the largest online H community, providing social resources for people with H. They have over 40,000 members. Some of their features include discussion boards, chat rooms, support areas, and much more. You can be as private or as open as you like! It's FREE to sign up with them and most of their member features are FREE too.
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